What is Intent Share?

Let’s cut to the chase. Intent Share enables publishers to fully understand copy-paste activity as a means to share content while taking full advantage of it, in various ways.

Its functioning could not be simpler. It is a Java Script snippet you install on your website/blog… and you are ready to go!

How can I benefit from Intent Share?

Well, truth is, you can benefit in many ways:

  • Great SEO benefits as your users place links across the Web on your behalf.
  • Generate new, high intent traffic as your content is passed from friend to friend with automatically embedded links back to the original page.
  • Brand attribution as you brand travels with the links.
  • Get credit for your content. You put in enough time and resources, right?
  • Content insights. What content is being shared the most? What content is being searched for elsewhere?
  • Great analytics to fully make sense of this sharing tool.

Oops, by the way, all of this can be achieved with almost any effort, no teams dedicated to get links or analyze stats. Forget about all that.

But, do people really copy-paste that much? Really?

Really. Our internal data and a study from Business Insider show that 85% of sharing is done by copy & pasting. Only 15% of shares can be attributed to other sharing tools. The old copy & paste is in great shape!

How do I get SEO benefits? And visit?

As Intent Share increases relevant links to your main website, it improves Search Engine rankings with each additional, incremental share.

In turn, you generate new, high intent traffic as your content is passed from friend to friend with automatically embedded links back to the original page.

Can I use it on my blog?

Sure, you can run it on a blog or on your website. It can run on Wordpress, everywhere for that matter. If you have more than one website though, you need an Intent Share code for each URL. That’s all.

What about privacy?

Intent Share does not gather Personal Information of your users. We simply identify and track content that is being copied and shared, anonymously.


Technical Questions

How can I get my code?

Simply. Just click here to get the code. If you need installation support, click on our Installation Guide. Don’t worry, it’s really simple and you don’t need technical skills.

Where can I check my stats?

Upon signing up, we will send you an email with login credentials. To see your stats, just log in and you will access your analytics dashboard.

Are my analytics real time?

Yes indeed, so you can take action on the fly.

Can anyone delete the link?

Sure. We don’t want to police the Internet just enhance sharing functionalities. Users can delete the link anytime they want.

Does Intent Share slow down my page load?

Absolutely not. Payload is approximately 5k.

Does Intent Share work with Google Analytics?

Yes. Intent Share does not interfere with Google Analytics, so you can use both. In the near future you will be able to see your Intent share information on your Google Analytics. Stay tuned!