How to set up Intent Share on your website


Before you begin


First and foremost, you need to have access sot the source code of the already running website. For the service to run properly a small bit of code provided by Intent Share needs to be implemented at the bottom of every single page of your website.

Obtaining the Intent Share code for your website

Once entered with your account in the clients section, navigate to the “Account” tab. In the “Account Info” section you’ll see the “Code” subsection. The code snippet looks similar to the one below, where the XXXX indicates Intent Share identification.

You need to select and copy the code from the “Code” section.


Implementing the code manually


Once you accessed your code, select and copy it. You need to paste the code into your web page. To ensure yourself that the code will function properly, implement it in the bottom of the body section of the page, just before the closing html tag (</body>). If the structure of your webpage does not re-use one file for common content (does not uses templates), you need to repeat the paste operation for each page files.

The code implementation should look more or less like the one on the picture below.


Implementing the code into WordPress environment

Once you have your code copied, enter in your WordPress admin area.

When there navigate to Appearance > Editor from the menu on the left side.

WordPress step 1

To ensure comparability you need to insert the Intent Share code in the footer, there for locate the “Footer” from the templates list on the right and click it.

WordPress step 2

Find the closing tag of the body (</body>) and paste the already selected code right before it. The result will look more or less like the one on the picture. Once achieved you can click “Update File” and proceed to the verification step.

WordPress step 3


Implementing the code into Joomla environment

Once you obtain your Intent Share code, enter in your Joomla administration area. When there navigate to Extensions > Template Manager from the top menu.

Joomla step 2

From there locate the template that you are currently using on your site. To customize it click on its name in the “Template” column.

Joomla step 2

A source code editor will appear. To implement the already copied code, scroll down to the bottom of the editor and locate the body closing tag (</body>). Paste the code just before it.

The result will look more or less like the one on the picture. Once achieved save the code using the integrated buttons on top and proceed to the verification step.

Once entered in the template customizations page select “Edit main page template”, located in the “Template Master Files” section on the left.

Joomla step 3
Joomla step 4


Implementing the code into Drupal environment

Since you already have your code copied, enter in your page as administrator. When there navigate to “Structure” from the top menu.

Once there select the “Blocks” section. From there select the “Add Block” functionality.

Drupal step 1

There are few changes that you need to apply during the creation of the new block. You can leave the “Block title” blank, but need to enter a “Block description” so you can later locate and recognize the block easily when making changes in the “Block” section. In the “Block body” paste the already copied Intent Share code. It is important to switch the “Text format” to “Full HTML”.

Drupal step 2

Afterword’s in the “Region settings” switch to “Footer” the region on your default users theme. Once you achieve a result closer to the one on the image, you can save the block and proceed to the Verification process.

Drupal step 3



Since Intent Share reports are updated real time, you can go straight on and review your panels to see if any activity is registered. To insure yourself you may do sharing actions on your own, by copying content from your webpage and look for the link in the bottom once you paste the copied content.


Future customization of your Intent Sharing settings does not require repetition of the steps listed above nor require code renewal. The customization settings are located in your Intent Share client section. Once there, navigate to tab “Account” and extend the “Setup” section. To activate any customization changes just press “Apply”. To review how those changes are applied, you need to refresh your webpage.